Family Support

Moultrie County Counseling provides services for the family including:

  • Evidence based techniques for coping with a child’s disruptive behaviors

  • Individual and group counseling for the parent and/or the child

  • Help in understanding and coping with depression, loss and anxiety

  • Specialized counseling for survivors of domestic violence and trauma

  • Children FIRST

  • Moultrie County Counseling is licensed to provide the Children FIRST program through the Children FIRST Foundation. This program is designed to help parents learn about some of the challenges their children may face in dealing with a divorce. The session includes videotaped scenarios and group discussion led by a Master’s prepared therapist on:
  • Fighting in front of children
  • Handling return visits appropriately
  • Making the most of your visitation
  • Putting a child's needs above personal agendas
  • Keeping promises
  • Minimizing a child's pressure in custody disputes

  • Additional information can be obtained by calling 217-728-4358 and asking about Children FIRST.